Cusco, the center of the world

Destination: Cusco / Author: Casa Andina / Photos: Casa Andina
Cusco is Peru’s most cosmopolitan destination. Discover the amazing city and live an unforgettable experience.

Cusco, center of the Inca Empire, is Peru’s most cosmopolitan destination. The traveler will find an incredible diversity of exciting features to make this trip an unforgettable experience. Qosqo, center of the world, is the vortex where four great paths or suyos branch crossing the entire territory to offer a kaleidoscope of experiences. To the East, where the path connects this region to the Plateau and Lake Titicaca, one can find the richest expression of the Andean baroque Peruvian art. In the Andahuaylillas, Huaro, and Canincunca temples, under Jesuit management, the colorful ceilings and walls tell stories of the mix between the Andean religiosity and the eagerness to spread Catholicism. This path, called the Collasuyo, takes us to the highest apu (peak) in the cosmovision of the Andes: The Ausangate, a vast snowy mass that houses llama and alpaca shepherds, excellent weavers, and some of the best mountain trails in the country. Across this mountain, from where, according to Andean belief, life originated, hides the Sinaka, a snowy mountain visited yearly by thousands of pilgrims for the oldest Andean feast in the continent, the Qoyllor Riti. On the other hand, the Antisuyo takes us to the lower jungle. Inhabited by the Matsiguengas and other Amazon tribes. There is an intertwining trail with one of the most particular ecosystems in the world, the cloud forest. The massive vertical granite cliffs are decked with greenery where the Orchids, the Cock of the rock (Rupicola Peruviana), and the Spectacled bears rule. The City of Machu Pichu nests in the middle of this forest, as the place chosen for the quality of its water, its isolation, and its natural exuberance by the Inca for his rest and relaxation. The Sacred Valley, one of the main destinations of Cusco, is on the way to the Antisuyo. The Vilcanota river surrounds the Urubamba mountains and crosses the valley that houses several of the main attractions of the area, such as the salt mines of Maras, the circular terraces of Moray, and the archaeological sites of Ollantaytambo and Pisaq, and it is also home to one of the best communities of weavers of the region, the Chahuaytire. Today the Sacred Valley is also the ultimate destination for nature and adventure activities offered in Cusco. It is so Cusco offers the most glorious destinations in Peru.

The Temple of the Moon and the city

The Chinchaysuyo, to the north, forms the main pedestrian route in the continent, the Qápaq Ñan or Inca Trail. This route connected the territories of the Inca Empire through a network of chaskis or couriers who kept the most remote regions in communication with the capital. Near Cusco, the path crosses Anta Pampas, the quintessential grain source of the city, an area rich in archaeological sites, including the platforms of Zurite or the mysterious Moon Temple of Quillarumiyoc on top of the Ancahuasi community. Finally, the Cuntisuyo united Cusco with the sea through the department of Arequipa, allowing the mountain Inca rulers to have access to fish, or to use seaweed and shells as offerings to the Pachamama god. All roads originate in Qosqo, the Center of the World and the most cosmopolitan city in Peru. Cusco offers nearly as many hotels in Peru for its busy tourist visits worldwide. Therefore, we have 5 hotels in Cusco: Casa Andina remium Cusco, Casa Andina Standard Cusco San Blas, Casa Andina Standard Cusco Plaza, Casa Andina Standard Cusco Catedral y Casa Andina Standard Cusco Koricancha. The traveler can find vivid history in Cusco, in its carved stone temples, colonial churches like la Compañía (Church of the Society of Jesus), the markets, and the streets of this historic town. Here, culture and art join the party in all forms, to say nothing of their food which is one of the most fabulous of the Peruvian cuisine. As perhaps Cusco is also one of the regions that celebrates the greatest number of festivals throughout the year in Peru.

Our 5 hotels Casa Andina in Cusco, offer to Perú, good quality hotels and comfort, enabling them to enjoy the unforgettable pleasure of this city.

The holidays

During the months of May, June and July they celebrate some of the most important holidays. The Qoyllor Riti gathers nearly 100 thousand people from all over the Andes, who sing and dance for several days and nights to the Lord of the Snow. The climax of the festival takes place when people from all the suyos arrive to the Sinakara Snow Mountain to touch and collect the snow that will symbolically, bring them fertile fields. Immediately after this event, Corpus Christi is celebrated in the center of Cusco. In this celebration, thousands of dancers, dressed up in colorful costumes and attires, dance next to the main Catholic saints before entering the Cathedral, in the Plaza de Armas. July is the festival of the sun or Inti Raymi. The celebration in honor of the sun during the winter solstice, for maintaining life during months when the mountains endure the coldest and driest season of the year. For several days, the people of Cusco represent the crowning of the Inca amid dancers and musicians who keep the happiness going day and night. Our 5 hotels Casa Andina in Cusco, offer to Perú, good quality hotels and comfort, enabling them to enjoy the unforgettable pleasure of this city. A joy that is never lost, because beyond the feasts and excellent natural and historic attractions of the city and its surroundings, Cusco is the vortex where life is celebrated in all forms by people from all over the world.


Where to eat

Restaurante Limo
An excellent fusion of Asian and traditional Peruvian dishes and a bar where cocktails and macerated drinks are made with pisco.
Portal de Carnes 236, 2º piso. Plaza de Armas.
+51 084 240668

Museo del Pisco
Its specialty is a wide variety of pisco and macerated drinks made with this liquor, as well as tapas and snacks.
Santa Catalina Ancha 398, esquina con la calle San Agustín.
+(+51) 84-262709

Restaurante Cicciolina
One of the best restaurants in Cusco. Its success lies in the use of regional produce as well as the coziness of its architecture.
Calle Triunfo 393, 2º piso.
(084) 239510

Museo de Arte Precolombino
A good way to immerse yourself in Peruvian culture through excellent museology. This museum, known as the MAP, is located in Plaza de las Nazarenas.
Plaza de las Nazarenas 231


  • To avoid altitude sickness it is advised to drink plenty of fluids, do not make large meals, take muña and coca infusion and do light activity on the first day in Cusco.
  • Rainy season is from december to march, the rest of the year the weather is nice with cold at night and early morning.


Annual temperature

Maximum:  18 ºC
Medium:  12 ºC
Minimum:  6 ºC

Rainy Season
November – March



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