Toritos of Pucará



To the north of the region of Puno, is the locality of Pucará, which is recognized by its ceramics. The most representative symbol of this area is the “Torito de Pucará”, which are hung in pairs over the entrances of the houses as a symbol of protection and prosperity. That is why Pucara is also known as the “Tierra del Torito”.



Placing 2 Pucara bulls and a cross in between on the houses is a very common custom in the Andean towns of Peru, the bulls bring happiness, protection and fertility to all who inhabit their houses, also, it is considered a symbol of identity Andean, that’s why many families have them at the top of their homes, either on their roofs or as ornaments in homes, to monitor homes, bless marriages and protect the family.



This place was also the stage where the Pucará Culture developed, characterized by its large pyramidal constructions, forming a great pre-Hispanic city. His civilization stood out for his architectural knowledge and hydraulic engineering.

Among the attractions that you can visit is the Lithic Museum, a space in which you can see sculptures in stone. Other attractions are also unmissable, such as the Archaeological Complex of Kalasaya, the Ceramic Museum of Pucará and its video room where the mythical side of the Torito de Pucará and its social use are explained, the Santa Isabel Church, the Plaza del Torito where you can see large format sculptures of the evolution of the bull; Do not forget to visit the ceramic craft workshops where you will know the process of transforming the clay into works of art and make your own piece, this visit becomes a unique experience thanks to the kindness that this town of Puno offers us.



In the “Tierra del torito” you can do cultural tourism, visiting the museums and archaeological sites to learn more about the historical legacy of this civilization.



They will also be able to do experiential tourism, learning the process of making ceramics in the artisan workshops that Pucará offers.




• Pucará is located 104 kilometers north of the city of Puno and 60 kilometers from Juliaca.
• It is located on the edge of the road to Cusco, with an altitude of 3860 m.s.n.m.
• To get from the city of Puno you can go by car, the journey takes about 2 hours.
• From July 14 to 16, the Virgin of Carmen Festivity and Artisan Fair is held, the oldest festival in Puno, where you can observe the exchange of products (barter).



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