Trip to Zorritos Tumbes with children



All our northern littoral as an offer is a unique destination, and travel with your children to this place, according to our experience is the ideal to get started on the adventures of travelers. Beach destinations will always be the most comfortable to handle. On this trip, we found a bunch of options to do all over the north, which invited us to be in contact with nature, rest in a paradisiacal place and have fun from beginning to end, this is the north of Peru. Are you ready to discover Tumbes with children?



1. Where do we stay?

After 1 hour and 45 minutes of flight we arrive to paradise, if you go by road from Lima the trip lasts 18 hours by bus. We chose the ideal place to go as a family and it is a very good fact for us as traveling families, we refer to Casa Andina Select Zorritos Tumbes. The meals are excellent and very quiet because next to the restaurant is the children’s play area, where the little ones can be distracted and play while you watch them from your table or in the armchairs.



In addition, the hotel has a special menu for children, pool games, playground in the sand, a really beautiful beach on the shores of Zorritos where you can kayak and paddle quietly (and free) and appreciate all its flora and fauna. Take advantage of the packages that are launched every so often.



2. Tourism with children

The first thing we visited was the beautiful Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary and it has an area of 2,972 hectares of mangrove forest. Entrance to the sanctuary costs PEN 1, children under five do not pay. Inside this beautiful sanctuary we visited the zoo and crocodile farm, where the youngest are the most excited. The cost for adults is PEN 3.5, children do not pay.



Did you know that around 148 species of birds can be seen in the mangroves? Amazing! Consider that there are many options outside to choose the tour, I found thousands of people who approached us and gave us high prices, happily I had found out and for the full tour they charged us PEN 50 (for all).

The second place we recommend to visit are the amazing beaches of Zorritos, which are really beautiful and do not lose their charm because they are not so commercial.



The third place we recommend you visit is Cabo Blanco, a beautiful fisherman’s cove located further south of Órganos. If you can walk along the northern coast take advantage of knowing more beaches like this one.


3. The Myth

Take a nautical tour with young children? Many people told us that going with very small children like the twins was risky, since they could get bored and want to return to the shore. We here show you that it is not like that. The Órganos fishing tour was one of the most impressive rides we took.

At all times we enjoyed contact with nature, respect for animals in their own habitat and something wonderful happened … a group of dolphins accompanied us much of the way. They say that the children attract them and that is because the twins did not stop greeting them and getting excited.



This tour invites you to fish at sea and this is where Papá Gallina fished a beautiful Merlin feather. On this same tour they take you to swim with the Ñuro turtles, the twins did not mess with mom just because they felt the water was very cold, but they were fascinated by the idea of swimming with turtles. The price of this tour for children and adults is PEN 120 and it is totally worth it. The ride includes drinks and snacks, the ceviche made at sea and the equipment to swim with the turtles. It also includes picking up the beaches of Piura. If you are staying in Tumbes you must hire a mobility to transfer you and return to your hotel, the round trip cost of this taxi is approximately PEN 160.



4. MelliTips

On this trip I have two inevitable MelliTips:

“If you have the opportunity to rent a car … do it, you cannot miss the opportunity to get to know the whole north coast.” The rent for a day (24 hours) cost us PEN 160 and they left us the car at the hotel. this rent we could walk along the northern coast, stop in the squares, know more beaches and only cost us gasoline.

Constant sun protection, for this trip is to bring sun protection, we apply it to you like this:
• Apply it before exposing yourself to the sun
• Apply it in generous amounts
• Avoid exposing yourself directly between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.



Cheer up and visit our … Thanks for reading!



• Weather: Dry, hot and sunny

• Average annual temperature (maximum). 78.8 ºF. 78.8
• Average annual temperature (minimum). 66 ºf
• Occasional rain. January- March

• By bus (19 hours)
o Oltursa
o Cruz del Sur
o Excluciva
o Línea (To Piura)

• By plane (1 hours 50 minutes)
o Latam
o Avianca (Flights to Piura)

Zorritos Tumbes

Located just 40 minutes from Tumbes Airport, is an excellent choice for both business travelers and those travelers who search for sun and want to rest.

Zorritos, a town in north-west Peru, is a beautiful beach resort, and among its highlights, it offers visitors an ideal climate to enjoy its beaches and outdoor activities.

The hotel has 75 100% non-smoking functional room. Among the services it offers we have the following: La Plaza Bar & Grill restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious stir fried beef, event rooms, corporate facilities, a breakfast buffet, an available Wi-Fi connection, and parking. In addition, in order for travelers to keep fit, we have a gym and sauna, and should you want to relax, you can enjoy our spa.