The 10 best ceviches in Lima


Ceviche is the dish par excellence of Peru, a national symbol that unites us all around the table. It comes from that old custom of the fishermen who, in their offshore tasks and when they wanted to eat, combined the freshly harvested fish with the Peruvian lemon acid.

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Every 28th of June the “Ceviche Day” is celebrated.

It was established in 2008, thanks to a resolution of the Ministry of Production (Produce). In the document it is designated as a “traditional Peruvian food”. However, previously, in 2004, the cebiche had been declared by the National Institute of Culture (INC) as Cultural Heritage of the Nation.


An artistic space of generous nature that breaks with the myth of not eating ceviche at night. Jirón García y García 175. Barranco. T. (01) 6199595.

The Kapallaq

It is defined as fusion of Basque, Peruvian and Mediterranean food based on fish and seafood of excellent quality. Avenida Reducto 1505. Miraflores. T. (01) 4444149.

El Mercado

Directed by the talented Rafael Osterling is considered one of the best restaurants in Lima. Hipólito Unanue street 203. Miraflores. T. (01) 2211322.

La Red

A classic for more than 30 years that combines generosity and product quality in all its dishes. Avenida La Mar 391. Miraflores. T. (01) 4411026.

Segundo Muelle

With several restaurants in San Isidro, San Miguel and Surco, it combines classic marine dishes with the new Peruvian fusion. Avenida Conquistadores 490. San Isidro. T. (01) 7179998.

El Pez Amigo

Cozy environment that works with fresh products and avoids vacuum preserves and precooked foods. Avenida La Paz 1640. Miraflores. T. (01) 4459783.

El Villano

It started as a small huarique and became a restaurant of Japanese, Mediterranean and Peruvian influence. Jiron San Ambrosio. Ravine. T. (01) 2474624.

Pescados Capitales

Located in a large space, its menu offers a wide assortment of desserts and a good variety of cocktails. Avenida La Mar 1337. Miraflores. T. (01) 4218808.


Popular chorrillano restaurant that combines the usual dishes with products of excellent freshness. Agustín Lozano La Rosa Street 173. Chorrillos. T. (01) 4673788.

La Rana Verde

Renowned restaurant next to the port of Callao that offers a generous bar of cocktails and drinks. University Club of Regatas, General Valle s / n. The Punta, Callao. T. (01) 4295279.